Identify. Enrich. Accelerate.

Helping global leaders elevate their businesses faster with powerful
lead identification & enrichment tools.

GetQuanty Is A B2B Sales Intelligence Solution

That reveals your anonymous website visitors and helping
you sell smarter, faster and better.
Leads Generated
Per Day
Opportunities created
by GetQuanty so far
Multiply your profitability
on your website
Boost Your Sales, By Uncovering
98% of Your Website Visitors!

We Dig Your Leads, So You
Don’t Have To.

We Identify

Reveal all your relevant website visitors, learning all
the information you need to turn them into potential
sale prospects.

We Enrich

Our robust AI infrastructure scores & segments your leads using our 100% accurate B2B GDPR compliant
Database — so you entertain only those leads that truly matter to you.

So, You Accelerate

Our People, processes & proprietary platforms help you harness the power of automation.
And Design a path to take your customers from prospects to partners with email retargeting.

Connect Getquanty to your favourite apps

GetQuanty can easily integrate your data with over 40+ globally used intelligent
sales & marketing tools and event-driven email services.

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I am totally satisfied with both the solution and the support teams, who are always available to answer my questions. I can't wait for the traffic on to grow and discover, thanks to GetQuanty, business targets to work on.
Mickael Tartar
CEO & cofounder
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