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GetQuanty x Analytics B2B

Knowing your customers deeply & being well aware about how you can engage with them through your digital interactions is not some classified knowledge anymore — it’s the fuel of your future growth, if utilised properly.

Popular traffic analytics like Google Analytics, Xiti or At-Internet fail to give you a proper vision of your B2B audience, because they fail to differentiate your website visitors from potential quality customers and from people that landed on your website because of mere search engine algorithms. And then the same issue is reflected by single channel analytics like Linkedin or Facebook as well

While the companies keep profiting, you keep basing your decisions on wrong assumptions calculated on the wrong audience i.e. the overall audience and not on the audience that truly matters for you. Since you cannot quantify this while using other tools, you fail to correct your acquisition strategies, and have to deal with lower conversion rates.

Nor do the single channel analytics such as Linkedin, Facebook or event dashboard aggregators, since they are not interconnected.

Now, GetQuanty provides your business with a suite of tools that let you create your own analytics — solely focused on the audience that drives your business across all your channels, so that you can build a highly efficient user acquisition strategy and improve conversion rates manifolds.

Smart Data is a great tool for organizing the company in the broadest sense of the term. Insofar as it is capable of aligning business units, and giving a global vision to management, but also to sales and marketing teams.
Directeur associé
- Waisso

Monitor And Optimize Your ABM Strategy

GetQuanty is exceptional when it comes to targeting and measurement. Not only you can practice Account Based Marketing (ABM) with it but you also also create rules to define your custom target customers.

Our powerful AI will then separate your custom audience from the traffic of all your digital channels — so you can calculate metrics on your audience. Moreover, it will decipher how appealing your content is to them, and take corrective measures that will have a positive impact on your business.

Smartdata offers us a very good visibility of the actions that we can put forward in the company on the marketing aspect. It allows us to immediately have an infographic of the budget and its distribution. It also allows us to see all the strategic actions taken and how they impact our prospects. It's a great tool that should be used in any case for the marketing and sales departments.
Caroline Dumas
Business Development International - Scallog

Intelligent Customer Base Segmentation,To Help You Understand & Target Better.

Use getquanty on your website to base your marketing segments on your real customers behaviour and not assumptions.

Our machine-learning-based algorithms gather and mix technographics, firmographics and behavioural data to create a funnel at account level, identify your centers of interests and ensure you get all the qualified leads possible.

Track Your Revenue,And Not Just Qualified Leads.

Data-driven, growing companies like yours just cannot rely on assumptions anymore. You need facts, figures & accurate metrics to take decisions — but how do you get all that priceless information?

GetQuanty is an outstanding tool that helps figure out your costs, compare multiple ROI channels and eventually connect the dots between your revenue generating sales & your marketing actions.

Try today and start identifying new business opportunities.

GetQuanty is a great tool to track and analyze campaigns. It is a reassuring tool that allows us to perform our statistics and quickly support sales.

Pascal POYET
Marketing & Sales Manager
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