Make Your Marketing Unique,
Give Your Visitors An Experience They Come Back For

With GetQuanty’s smart IA & unique B2B Data, we believe in delivering a highly personalized customer experience to every visitor from your website.We help you connect to them in a way — that matters most to your audience.
This not only increases your accounts engagement and conversion rates but also reduces your sales cycles & increased ROI.

GetQuanty x Personalization B2B

Give Your Marketing a Personal Touch,
And Witness Your Engagement Rates Skyrocketing.

Our AI automatically identifies your website visitors, the company they belong to and personalizes their experience at the same time.

GetQuanty also considers other factors such as their behavior on the website, the pages they spent time on and their previous cross-channel interactions so that every visitor gets a VIP experience.

You can customize the taglines, alter the visuals, change the way the audience navigates, and promote the best use case as per their industry — personalization opens up a number of avenues for you to drive more engagement and save your visitors’ time.

Boost Your Popup Conversion Rates,
With Real-Time Contextualization.


Generic pop-ups on websites are embarrassing. Not only ruin your customers’ experience but have a minuscule conversion rate of 2 or 3%, on average.

And that is barely helpful for your sales team.Highly personalized pop-ups on the other hand, have proven to be the most effective way to increase conversion & get email opt-in.

That’s why GetQuanty’s smart IA shows the right popup to the right person, at the right time — and increases the conversion rates by 300%.

GetQuanty is at the heart of our marketing automation process. Retargeting and lead nurturing are our new weapons and thanks to the tool, targeting is more precise. GetQuanty allows us to get closer to prospects we don't know but who are interested in us. We finally know who, what and especially when to address them, which fully supports our conversion rate.

Nathalie Mrejen
Communication & Marketing Director

Engage conversations with visitors
‍Only YOU Want.

Everytime a visitor matching with your target audience arrives at your website, Getquanty automatically wakes the chatbot and engages the visitors in a contextual conversation.

Our AI based Chatbot is way smoother than any other popup in the market when it comes to data collection — with 30% more collection on average.

The bot also notifies the sales rep if it detects a high-value-lead or it can’t answer the visitor’s queries, while the visitor is on the website — all in real time. GetQuanty integrates with most of the chatbots of the market including Zendesk, Intercom, iAdvize, Hubspot, and Drift.

Try today and start identifying new business opportunities.

GetQuanty is an innovative tool that allows a new approach to prospects. Before I knew about GetQuanty, I didn't know that you could identify at such a high level!
Laurent Gonzalez
Marketing & Communication Manager
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