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We are here for the long run — and we’d love to help you grow your agency bigger &
brighter. Together, we’ll help your clients take the next step in their growth journeys,
while you build a stronger, ever-lasting partnership with us.

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As an agency you are always on your toes, helping customers perform better and maximize their marketing ROI, leading them to use the best tools possible for their growth.

We understand that organizations evolve a lot slower than technology, and making human trust & customer intimacy the key factors for a business’ success. That is why, here at GetQuanty, we value the relationship we build with our partners as we believe in long term business development and mutual growth —

Where your success is your customer success and eventually, our success.

What Do We Bring To The Table?

GetQuanty is a must have platform for B2B agencies or multi-market agencies that aim to focus on their B2B audiences and deliver excellent results.

Due to all the intensive research and development executed by our teams in technology, AI & connectivity with the marketing tech ecosystem — GetQuanty provides you an array of tools to assess the situation of your clients such as how do they acquire their prospects? the impact of their campaigns? The loopholes? cost & ROI of their current practices — all in a quick precise manner.

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And when it comes to recommending and correcting measures, GetQuanty also enables you to implement highly focused strategies for growth, retention, conversion, lead generation, account based marketing — all from one place.

Our experts will work closely with your teams & assist them connectwith the data, set-ups, curate smart reports & demonstrate that actions that generate value. And we will even connect you to our partners ecosystems if you require any additional expertise.

How Will It Help You?

Over the years, we have built a robust, reliable and resourceful long-term partnership program,
depending on the way you want to interact with us.

Become a Reseller

Recommend GetQuanty as a reseller, operate & monitor the platform for the customer.

By enrolling into the partner program you will get commissioned for each new customer you bring, and have access to our training + certification programs.

So the more you sell, the more discounts & rewards you’ll get for you or your customers.

Monitor On Customers’ Behalf

Use GetQuanty to monitor the campaigns you operate on behalf of your customer
— SEO, SEA, Display Campaigns, Landing pages, Social Media, Calls, Email, etc.,
— optimise your performance, & get access to high value reports in real time or at the end of the campaign.

And the customer doesn’t have access to GetQuanty except for reports you decide to share with them.

Benefit from our Expertise & Develop Your Team’s Skillset.

For all your other needs, enquiries about how we can build together the best customized answer to your customers’ needs, feel free to contact our consultancy team anytime you want. We have been engaged in a similar project and have already surpassed difficulties your customers are facing because of our transversal position & years experience of working closely with our customers. We can assist you in complex strategic projects and regularly organize trainings, certification courses and a lot more for your own consultants.

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Interested In Knowing What Else Getquanty Can Do For You?

Working with GetQuanty is the guarantee of having a dedicated team with whom you can exchange and get advice

Clément Guérin
Directeur Marketing
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