Put Your Sales On Our Auto-Pilot, And Watch Your Revenues Skyrocketing with GetQuanty.

Now focus on what you do best — closing high-value deals, while we take care of the rest for you. Automate your multichannel outreach, expand the sales pipelines & multiply your revenues with our powerful sales intelligence tools.

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GetQuanty is a real complementary tool in a cold prospecting approach in order to pre-qualify the level of interest of people. The platform fulfills its role wonderfully and fits perfectly into our daily life and our existing solutions, making GetQuanty a must-have at the moment.

Patrick Navarro
Digital marketing manager
Interson Protac

Turn Your Website Clicks Into Customers.

We accelerate your sales process & turn your website prospect into a profitable relationship by leveraging data and analytics.

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See Your Sales Cycle Get 2X Faster.

Turn your website into your finest sales assistant. GetQuanty informs you every single time any ‘silent’ prospect visits your website and sends you alerts in real-time.

Save Time, So You Can Use It Better.

GetQuanty saves a lot of your time and effort as it not only identifies the companies visiting you but also crunches out accurate contact information of all the key decision makers in those organizations, and syncs it directly into your CRM.

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Beyond lead detection, GetQuanty really allows us to take the temperature of our audience: their current issues, the way they learn about the type of offer we provide.

Aïda Koné
Marketing & communication manager
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