Your Businesses — Powered By Our People.

Beyond being tech enthusiasts, we are a dynamic team striving at the service of your business & your challenges. Our ambition is to save you from the stress from your day-to-day business operations and help you benefit from the full value of IA & data in your business objectives — GetQuanty’s team.

Our Mindset

We firmly believe that Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning are two integral parts of tomorrow’s marketing & prospecting processes for businesses.

Therefore, we provide industry leading technical & business excellence to businesses of all scales & sizes.

We are a team of highly skilled professionals collectively driven by three simple values — mutual aid, flexibility, and benevolence, on the top of 3 pillars
— people, product, and data.

Employees, partners and customers are at the heart of our product development to boost the marketing and sales performance of the B2B universe.

At Getquanty, we have a good work-life balance. I enjoy contributing to the development and simplification of a complex product with benchmark technologies. The GetQuanty team spirit is also about autonomy in your choices and tolerance for errors because that is how you learn best.

Alexey Tepliakov

Software Developer  Getquanty

Alone We Go Faster.
Together We Go Further!

We are a team of passionate people where everyone believes that mutual aid & compassion is above everything.

Where collective intelligence with customers and between employees drives our daily lives. Where we offer our best version possible to our customers, together. We have only one goal — to satisfy you.


The best way to help, according to us, is to test all the channels used by our clients. Here we step into your shoes, observe scenarios and then offer you the guarantee of working with experts in the field.

Permanent Training

At GetQuanty, whether it is for customers, partners or employees — we learn every day. In this constantly changing world, our goal is to bring together committed profiles who love to learn, adapt and grow together.

Shared Experiences

GetQuanty works in agile mode — we break silos, we mix teams and perspectives to grow together While pushing you to the top. With our B2B Groups, Marketing Think Tanks and specialised sales departments, we promote mutual assistance & shared experiences.

Results Driven

Our passion for yielding quality, quantifiable results in the field of digital marketing is what drives us. Each project we handle is driven by performance using new indicators to project you through a change of prism in your organization.

Customer Intimacy

Digital marketing, TV, the Internet made us used to immediacy. We understand how difficult it can sometimes be to anticipate everything while maintaining your position on the zenith. This is why we are always attentive to you — present at the right time, at the right moment to guide you.

Giving Businesses
A Human Touch.

We are building a place where passionate, talented people can come together and their collective intelligence with customers among themselves drives their daily lives — and creates groundbreaking products. So bring your talent and join us in the adventure we call GetQuanty.

Chez GetQuanty: une culture humaine cultivée en permanence.

At GetQuanty — a human culture is being cultivated at all times.With weekly meetings, slacks but also team building are privileged moments and a secret of our success in such a short span of time. Also, we believe in the power of optimism. You see, a positive attitude is key to success. There are solutions to every problem & we are here to spread them.