Transform Your Website Into a Lead Generation Machine, and Scale Your Business Faster.

With GetQuanty, you can generate highly valuable leads for your business,by identifying the right B2B decision makers visiting your website & engaging with them via personalized automated campaigns — to give your business the boost it deserves. intelligence tools.

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GetQuanty allows us to qualify leads, to gain efficiency in our sales prospecting. We can see which strategy is effective, which can be optimized, and which leads are the most interesting

Florent Hernandez
CEO and Founder
Ready to overflow your lead generation ?

Build a Powerful Lead generation machine.

GetQuanty takes your business to the next level
by enabling you to rediscover, analyze, and engage your audience more effectively

Skyrocket Your Growth, Manifold.

Once your sales machine is ready, increase your paid acquisition budget focusing on the following:

Transform The Way You See,
Work, Report and Analyze Data.

With SmartData’s real-time dashboard, we give you an detailed overview of yourmarketing campaign, B2B traffic & calculate your key performance ratios, to help youoptimize your campaigns better, saving you time and effort.

Transform Your Sales Processes, And Unlock New Opportunities With Getquanty.

I am totally satisfied with both the solution and the support teams, who are always available to answer my questions. I can't wait for the traffic on to grow and discover, thanks to GetQuanty, business targets to work on.

Mickael Tartar
CEO & Co-Fondateur
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