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Whether it's revealing the identity of anonymous visitors to your website, helping to make smarter, data-driven decisions powered by deep analytics, or improving the performance of your multi-channel B2B marketing campaigns, GetQuanty helps more than 1000 companies across various industries around the world to grow faster and multiply their revenues with its solutions.

Discover How PSA Sales Exploded with GetQuanty

"GetQuanty enabled us to generate about 8000 opportunities with a 7% conversion rate, which is considerable in our sector. We have re-imagined our prospecting without cold-calling, making our network much more efficient in its way of prospecting and even surpassing the performance of closing our incoming orders."

Gaëtan MARTIN, Global Data & CRM Manager at Peugeot

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More than 1000 companies are accelerating with GetQuanty

GetQuanty enables us to qualify leads, increasing the efficiency of our sales prospecting. With the tool, we can see which strategies are effective and which leads are the most interesting.

Florent Hernandez


“We use GetQuanty every day! This tool helps us to increase our lead generation on a daily basis.

Karine Maleyzieux

Responsable Marketing & Communication

Using GetQuanty is in line with our inbound marketing approach. We identify incoming prospects, their level of warmth, in order to deliver the right content at the right time.

Douglas Mathon

Founder & Director

Thanks to GetQuanty, we are able to create a more targeted and customized prospecting strategy that helps to guide decision makers in their strategy.


Resp. Marketing et Communication

“GetQuanty allows us today to identify companies that we would not have discovered and thus to segment audiences to address them in the best way possible to our team.

Hugues Leclerc

Resp. Marketing Digital

Working with GetQuanty is a guarantee of having a dedicated team with whom we can exchange and get advice.

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Clément Guérin

Communication and Marketing Manager

GetQuanty enables us today to identify businesses that we would not have otherwise discovered and thereby segment audiences to best reach our team.

Gaëtan Martin

Global Data & CRM Manager at Peugeot

"Our website is our store. Every day we have businesses visiting it. GetQuanty has allowed us to communicate with those businesses rather than having to do hard prospecting."

Audrey Rauch

Sales Partners VIP+

"GetQuanty tool enables us to be proactive, anticipate, and gives me a sense of power at my level!"

Aïda Koné

Communication and Marketing Manager

"It is thanks to the daily use of GetQuanty that we have been able to implement a much finer and targeted prospecting strategy, and to support decision-makers on their strategy."

Nastassia Mari

Marketing Manager

“Profitable, Effective and Helpful. GetQuanty is a tool that is quite easy to get the hang of. It does not require any training, configuration or complex installation. Once the tracking code is set, you can get to work!”

Mélanie Cohen

Responsable Marketing Digital

"Meeting GetQuanty was from a distance... His skill in making contact brought us closer. Testing the solution, I discovered an amazing toolbox of efficient simplicity.”

Eric Boerez

Traffic Manager

GetQuanty has showed us that our competitors were coming to our website to copy our offers. We alos have detected that some people were coming back to check if a competitors offer was really valuable

Asher Zerbib

Director TéléSales et VAD Director

"GetQuanty is a new data source that pushes marketing and sales teams to innovate and reframe. It is essential to pair it with the everyday tools of salespeople: CRM!"

Vincent Simonnet

Sales & Marketing Director

"GetQuanty enables us to be ahead of everyone on ultra-precise topics of interest to the contacts you’re reaching out to as they’re becoming interested. A real killer weapon!"

Patrick Duhaut


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GetQuanty allows us to qualify leads and gain efficiency in our sales prospecting. We can see what strategy is effective, which one can be optimized and what are the most interesting leads.
Laurent Gonzalez
Marketing & Communication Manager
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