Stop Wasting Money On
Under-Delivering Marketing Campaigns,Supercharge Them With AdQuanty.


About 80% of your ad spend is getting wasted every day by not
reaching your desired B2B audience. Your current analytic tool will
never tell you that, but we do.
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Adquanty is a B2B powerful
‍audience analysis platform

That helps your ads campaigns perform better. It enables you to visually see the impact of all your multi-channel advertising campaigns & optimize them — all in real-time.
of your conversion rate
in B2B reach
in acquisition costs
Deliver Your Message To The Right
Audience, The Right Way.

Switch To Account Based Advertising ,Now!

Multichannel  360° Campaign Tracking

GetQuanty allows you to track all your key advertisement campaign metrics across different channels

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Identify your B2B Audience

Measure the reach of your B2B campaigns & Identify people who are engaged with your ads, and their companies as well.

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Minimize budget wastage

Prioritize your marketing channels by seeing which ones are bringing in B2B traffic you actually care about & allocating your budget only on it

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Dynamic Visual Reports

Generate detailed high-quality reports to showcase the impact of marketing campaigns & differentiate them from competitors

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Boon for ABM

Because of the detailed audience identification due to precise IP Tracking technology, AdQuanty is ideal for Account-based Marketing.

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A must have for
Visionary B2B Advertising

It uses a unique IA-based technology that uses companies’ trusted IP addresses database to reveal people from which company have seen so you can quantify the impact of your ads, optimize your B2B campaigns.

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GetQuanty allows us to qualify leads, to gain efficiency in our sales prospecting. We can see which strategy is effective, which can be optimized, and which leads are the most interesting
Florent Hernandez
CEO @ sociallymap
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