Drive Your Business Forward,
With The Power Of Data & Personalization.‍

Understand how your B2B users behave on your website, figure out what they need, and learn what they are looking for — with deep insights and actionable data you get via the unique data and power machine learning GetQuanty offers.

The Most Powerful Sales And Market Intelligence Solutions,
To Empower Your B2B Growth.

Really identify and analyze your website visitors. GetQuanty gives you all the information you need to turn your prospects into customers. Our platform gives you the contacts of companies and their decision makers 100% RGPD compliant, scored and segmented.

From identification, scoring, engagement to data analysis, GetQuanty covers & supercharges all your sales + marketing efforts, in real time.
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No Matter Who You Are,
GetQuanty Is For You.

identified every second
More qualified leads
from your site
qualified leads
generated per day

For Sales teams

GetQuanty informs you every single time any ‘silent’ prospect visits your website and accelerates your sales process by turning your prospect into a profitable relationship by leveraging data and deep analytics. ​

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For Marketing teams​

Identify all the B2B decision makers visiting your website & then engage with them via personalized marketing campaigns to accelerate your pipeline — and supercharge your revenues…

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For Agencies

Move your agency to the post-cookie era, help customers perform better and maximize their marketing ROI — using the wide range of marketing and sales tools offered by GetQuanty.

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3 Epic Products,
Unlimited Business Opportunities.


GetQuanty helps you uncover & reveal your anonymous website visitors — populating your prospects list & turning your website into a lead generation machine.

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AdQuanty helps you target the right audience and optimize your B2B campaigns in the right way — by revealing information about people who have engaged with your ads, and their companies as well, maximizing your ROI.

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SmartData is a powerful B2B analytical dashboard that enables you to deploy efficient Account Based Strategies, take rational business decisions and monitor your growth engine.

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What Makes Us Unique?
And Powerful?
GetQuanty, unlike traditional sales solutions, enables you to see through the wall of anonymity on the internet and gives you accurate and insightful data about all your B2B customer lifecycles.

So now you can understand your customers, their needs and identify better selling opportunities — making your outbound sales efforts more efficient, personalized and budget friendly.

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With the implementation of GetQuanty, we have increased the number of signed customers by 7 times since the beginning of 2020.
Asher Zerbib
Director of telesales and distance selling
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