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Use Data & AI for Your Growth.

We believe that AI + smart data is going to transform everything in the marketing and sales sphere — not as a continuous evolution, but as a Quantum leap. And with the help of that, B2B marketers will eventually become the sales heroes in their organizations by focusing their time, efforts and resources only on the highly interested, interactive prospects & clients of the company — and accelerating the business like never before.

That’s Why We Created GetQuanty


The smartest SaaS Marketing Platform that detects, enriches and re-engages your B2B web visitors with the help of next-gen AI solutions.

GetQuanty's Artificial Intelligence & Proprietary IP-Tracking Database

Running on the most powerful Google Cloud platform ever, makes it possible for you to analyze your website visitors, identify & segment them and their companies on the basis of their size, industry, geolocation and then predict the leads with highest potential of sales. — all in real time.

It Acts As The Single Core Enabler Of All Your Account Based Strategies

From targeted advertising and traffic acquisition, from marketing and sales to real time automation, GetQuanty will take care of all your end to end B2B needs, single handedly.

What is GetQuanty Mission ?


To Become The Pioneers Of Tomorrow’s Marketing

The combination of infinite cloud storage, big data and powerful processing capabilities have created a new generation of “account-based by design” tools.

B2C marketing optimization platforms rely heavily on their capacity of tracking & interpreting individual behaviour to predict intent and sales. They work well in that context because the decision is to be made by one person alone.

However, the B2B purchase decisions are totally different at company level. In order to analyse the behaviour at company level, one element which most B2B sales personnel always miss is the company of their visitor.

And to solve this, accurate reverse-IP databases are mandatory.

That’s why GetQuanty has been building the most precise IP databases of the market on the planet.Moreover, to analyze the behaviour of the visitors at the company level requires processing a lot more data, for much longer website visits where numerous brand algorithms observe and comprehend the behaviour of a plethora of people all at the same time.

This is why GetQuanty’s technology surpasses most of the other B2B prediction engines, with innovative machine learning approaches inspired from quantum physics.

What Problems Do We Take Care Of?

Companies targets and converts only a fraction of their audience while the number of lost opportunities is mammoth:

- Because 99% of visitors remain anonymous on B2B websites, while only 7 people on average participate in the purchasing process (Linkedin 2018)

- According to Sirius Decision, 70% of Marketing leads are not do not even enter the sales funnel because they are considered to be “not mature yet”

- And according to Harvard Business Review 2017, 78% of opportunities are won by the first answering seller.

L’intelligence artificielle de GetQuanty enrichit et rĂ©engage les clients les plus rentables et les plus intĂ©ressĂ©s par votre entreprise. GrĂące Ă  des donnĂ©es publiques cartographiĂ©es en informations exploitables, amĂ©liorez considĂ©rablement votre activitĂ© :

- Save time, increase efficiency of your prospecting teams by focusing on only hot & high value leads

- Take smarter investment decisions based on a true B2B marketing analysis & boost your increase your overall ROI

- Increase your pipeline with qualified leads & cust your acquisition costs by 10%

What Makes GetQuanty’s Approach Unique?

GetQuanty’s true value heavily relies on the quality of our database.

That’s the reason why we invest most of our R&D and data science budgets in collecting, cross validating & updating the identification tracking data — enriching it with the best available public legal information.

When most competitors stop their work here, we spend our time and sweat to analyze our customer data and score their intent through exclusive machine learning algorithms — focusing the action for the companies that have the highest potential of sales.

But that doesn’t restrict GetQuanty to a ‘data-only’ company.

We provide our customers the widest range of tools to integrate the data into their processes, enabling them to customize the user experience, generate alerts, retarget and increase engagement via AI — all this in real time.And after years of experience, we have learnt that automation without testing and human intelligence is just useless.

And that is why we don’t leave our customers alone — our team of experts will accompany you and your teams in building the most efficient scenarios and drive the best results possible.

Notre Histoire

AprÚs des années de recherche et de développement, GetQuanty a été lancé en 2017, à Paris, par deux passionnés de marketing et de technologie.
Hervé Gonay

Le fondateur de GetQuanty a rĂ©alisĂ©, au dĂ©but des annĂ©es 2010, l’importance de la valeur des donnĂ©es de navigation web B2B pour le marketing. C’est pourquoi, il a crĂ©Ă© l’une des premiĂšres bases de donnĂ©es d’IP tracking au monde, principalement pour le marchĂ© français.

Avec plus de 20 ans d'expérience dans les solutions de CRM et de marketing B2B, en travaillant avec Accenture, CAP Gemini, SAP et Oracle sur les principaux projets de CRM dans les secteurs de la finance, des télécommunications, de l'automobile, de la vente au détail, de la haute technologie et des logiciels, j'ai finalement décidé de créer la premiÚre solution du marché capable d'identifier, de scorer et d'alimenter automatiquement ces bases de données CRM avec de nouveaux contacts de prospects chauds. Et la réponse du marché a été excellente, avec des clients grands comptes comme Sage, Microsoft, SAP, Orange, SFR, Engie. Ce fut le début de la croissance annuelle de 100% que nous avons connue, avec une nouvelle solution SaaS améliorée, intelligente, simple et performante.

Hervé Gonay

Fondateur & Président
Xavier Paulik

5 ans plus tard, il rejoint HervĂ© en tant que co-fondateur et crĂ©e la premiĂšre plateforme SAAS sur Google Cloud Platform basĂ©e sur des algorithmes machine learning prĂ©dictifs permettant aujourd’hui aux utilisateurs de GetQuanty d’obtenir des donnĂ©es sur leurs clients potentiels, prĂ©cieuses et exploitables.

Lorsque nous avons commencé Getquanty il y a des années, nous avons fait de nombreuses hypothÚses sur la façon dont nos algorithmes quantiques aideraient les entreprises à changer leur approche et à avoir un impact significatif sur leurs activités. Quelques années plus tard, en travaillant étroitement avec nos clients, nous avons démontré leur efficacité et nous sommes fiers d'avoir aidé des centaines d'entreprises à accélérer leurs revenus et à faire en sorte que les ventes et les marketeurs travaillent en étroite collaboration !

Xavier Paulik

Co-Fondateur & CEO