Stop Letting Quality Leads, And Massive Business Opportunities Go Unnoticed.

Turn Your Website Into Your Finest Sales Assistant — With GetQuanty.

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  1. Identify companies visiting your website for you.
  2. Get the contact of their decision maker instantly
  3. Receive real-time alerts every time a strong prospect visits the website.
  1. Identify the companies visiting your website
  2. Personalize the on-site journey of your visitors on the basis of their company size, industry, geolocalization
  3. Retarget your prospects with nurturing email marketing campaigns
  4. Get the contact information of cart/form abandoners
  1. Monitor your clients campaigns with a powerful B2B analytics platform
  2. Become a certified partner and earn commission on every sales you help us make
  3. Get exclusive advantage by reselling GetQuanty as well.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Even if a website is being redesigned, Getquanty can identify businesses that go to its current site or your wait page. And if the website redesign has not started yet, you can set up smart & personalized pop-ups to hook all your B2B visitors and have more inbound demand.

    No, as soon as you invest time and money in bringing visitors to your website, Getquanty can help you divide your target acquisition cost by 10! And if you have a sales force, you’ll be able to feed it with 10 times more qualified leads on a continuous basis, intelligently distribute the leads among your sales force, contact your prospects before your competitors and reduce your sales cycle

    GetQuanty goes beyond just identifying hot leads. If you don’t have the resources, Getquanty can spot new opportunities and re-engage them to come back to you. GetQuanty is the perfect end-to-end sales and marketing solution for you since it identifies the companies and can go to commercial processing.

    How much do you spend every month on advertising? Would you not like to know whether you are really reaching businesses with your ads, which ads are performing the best & optimize your campaigns accordingly? With that alone, you’ll be able to recover the cost.
    And in addition to that — we also help you identify visitors who abandon a form or a cart, and retarget them via automated emails.

    GetQuanty ensures 100% RGPD compliance. Cookie management platforms, such as Axeptio or Tarteaucitron, guarantee that the GetQuanty script will not be triggered if cookies are not accepted.
    Please note that non-identifying and public information about the company can be collected without the need for prior consent in all legality.