Take Your Business To The NEXT LEVEL, With Business Development Coaching By GetQuanty.

Artificial Intelligence, being the complicated technology it is — can be a little daunting one to use. But don’t worry, our experts are here to help you out.

Join our coaching sessions and understand how you can use GetQuanty and implements AI in your sales + marketing efforts — to expand your business like never before.

Listening And Reactivity

Irrespective of the package you signed up for — you will get reactivity and professional support by email, tchat or phone.

Edouard Bouley


Getquanty is at the service of your challenges and not the other way around. Is there a term you don’t understand in the app? or a feature that you dream to have a demo on ? You contact our support or go to the FAQ

A Dynamic Knowledge Base

Find step by step tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions. You can be autonomous on the application if you wish.

Listening And Deployment

Our team is by your side, at your assistance always. From accompanying you in the discovery + the transposition of your objectives to helping you get things moving — so that your console can best plot interesting routes and detect the most relevant targets for you, we are there with you throughout your journey.

Discovery webinar

A key moment to start off on the right foot. This is the meeting that will help you understand what you have seen with our sales expert and which will help you throughout the GetQuanty adventure.

Kick off

Listening time to get to know you better. We initialize together the essential settings for a good reading of the data


Depending on the audit and the package chosen, we set up the advanced features together: email retargeting, popup, CRM connectors, FTP, etc.


We prepare an audit to help you interpret the results and make recommendations. A key appointment to save time in the use and profitability of the solution.


Depending on your pack, we carry out video or physical meeting points at the necessary pace. Our recommendation: a quarterly meeting to update the audit.

Dirty appointments

In order to make GetQuanty your commercial weapon in addition to your marketing weapon, we run a workshop with your sales representatives. Excellent meeting before a SALES BOOT CAMP

Test & tracking

We check the results of the settings together to adjust them as needed and help you in use. It is also an opportunity to guide you in tracking your emails.

Training adapted to each organization

Every month GetQuanty sets two consecutive days or half-days of training for clients where we recall the essential knowledge and share our own learning for optimal use of the tool.

We also review the fundamentals of the application along with various possible settings and discover advanced features. Besides that, it is also an opportunity to meet other customers & grow your network.

Workshop Settings

You will learn more about the configuration of your account through several workshops. The goal is to maximize implementation time and get out of the day with GetQuanty ready-to-use. Session led by the support team.

Sales/Marketing Alignment

We present the specific use cases for sales teams to organize time and take full advantage of the platform in their prospecting. Sharing Marketing / sales tactics. Session led by the team of a sales representative (SDR) and a marketer

Advanced and Integrations

We discuss the use of automation features such as email retargeting, website personalization and integration of CRMs and emailing tools with GetQuanty data. Session led by the Product Manager


Boost your prospecting with our workshop specially designed for your prospecting objectives. Our sales experts will be at the heart of your sales team!


Training realized





Daily support and recommendations

Working with GetQuanty is the guarantee of having a dedicated team with whom you can exchange and get advice.

Clément Guérin

Marketing Director