Making Your Data-Driven 
Decisions, Simpler

SmartData empowers you to make smarter, data-backed decisions
powered by deep, analytical & highly actionable Insights about your
most valuable audience.

    Smartdata is interactive dashboard
    specially designed for B2B businesses

    Which gives you a deeper & realistic understanding of your
    website’s audience.
    Turn Your Data into Powerful Insights, And
    Drive Smarter Business Decisions.

    What Makes SmartData
    The Ideal B2B Analytics Tool.

    With our unique insights, we not only add perspective to how you analyze your
    website traffic but also help you generate high-quality reports through which your
    marketing efforts can have deeper impacts & produce better outcomes.

    Focus On What
    Truly Matters

    With SmartData, you can centralize all your key B2B KPIs on one single dashboard only.

    Visitor’s Business
    Type Segmentation

    Now you can quickly analyze the volume of visitors
    your website drives, and have them distributed as per
    various B2B criterias such as industries, company
    sizes, company ownership i.e. private or public, etc.

    Engage Your Prospects, Properly.

    SmartData allows you to measure the intent
    evolution of your prospects & engaged growth over

    Identity Your
    High Performing
    Campaigns &
    Landing Pages

    Get improved visibility on campaigns that
    drive relevant traffic to your website and the
    pages that perform best for your targets.

    Tracking All Your
    Cost Per Lead, At
    One Place.

    Track the cost per leads from all your acquisition
    channels such as SEO, organic traffic, email
    campaigns, social media driven and even PPC — at
    one single place.

    Compare Your Performance To Your Competitors

    Analyze how you performanced compared to your competitors in the last 30 days or beyond, and get
    detailed insights about the interests of their visitors — so you can attract them better to your website.

    Build ABM Reports,
    For Your Targeted Accounts

    Get detailed reports + insights regarding all your target accounts, compare them with rest of your prospects and monitor how your ABM investments are paying off in terms of audience engagement and sales.

    Get the dashboard you
    deserve in real time

    Smartdata offers us a very good visibility of the actions that we can put forward in the company on the marketing aspect. It allows us to immediately have an infographic of the budget and its distribution.
    Caroline Dumas
    Business Development International