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GetQuanty X HubSpot complementarity

The CRM is an essential part of your business. Indeed, it is the tool that centralizes sales actions. Marketing also needs to take ownership of it to facilitate the processing of leads by sales. It is therefore the reference marketing & sales tool with which it is possible to make statistics between delivered and processed leads.

Successfully achieve your sales and marketing goals by combining HubSpot and GetQuanty.
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Qualify your leads before using CRM

The lead qualification stage in B2B is crucial in the effectiveness of the system and in the sales teams’ adoption.¼ of your leads on average manage to match both a sufficient level of interest AND your company’s segmentation criteria.Diluting the usable data on your leads in your CRM with data from off-target or unqualified leads can be counterproductive for all teams, especially salespeople. It is therefore important to see your CRM as the cream of the crop of leads to prospect and analyze. GetQuanty, thanks to its predictive scoring, allows you to identify the companies that are really interested in your product or service based on 13 criteria.

This is an important asset for collecting only qualified leads in your CRM. B2B scoring techniques that use Artificial Intelligence are very different from those used in B2C, because they take into account the decision-making process, which in B2B involves 5 to 10 different collaborators. Editor’s tip: Avoid platforms that score based on individual behavior, which makes no sense in B2B. The qualification of leads must be done with the specific criteria of your company. It is therefore essential to choose a tool that allows you to model your personas and perform an automatic segmentation of leads to be able to differentiate actions according to the warmth, but also the priority for YOUR company!


HubSpot is a CRM and growth platform that centralizes customer and employee data in one place and automates low-value actions to improve business efficiency in the quest to deliver an optimal customer experience.


GetQuanty is a B2B prospecting solution that identifies website visitors through a database of IP/SIRENs and scores them according to their interest with heat levels. GetQuanty also has other features that will improve prospecting through REA, custom pop-ups, and more.

GetQuanty, a constant lead’s source for your CRM

A CRM is good, but automatically enriched with qualified leads is better and is the winning strategy to boost your objectives. Moreover, you can drive personalized, automated actions while aligning marketing and sales teams end-to-end from leadgen to performance analysis.With the automatic enrichment of the database, both marketing and sales have access to an unparalleled datas.
Getquanty is a complete solution that allows you to identify your website visitors in real time and to classify them according to their interests thanks to heat levels. There are 4 levels of warmth which are determined thanks to numerous criteria such as the time of visit, the pages visited, the abandoned forms. If you connect your CRM to GetQuanty, all data collected on these companies and their activity on your site is transmitted directly into your CRM. This allows you to automatically feed Hubspot with qualified leads that have been scored and segmented, by sector and personas for example, to your sales and marketing teams. They can then start targeted actions and increase their productivity.

Segment your CRM with key data

One of the main issues facing marketing teams is how to get the leads to the right place for sales. With GetQuanty you can segment your leads before they are integrated into the CRM. This phase is crucial! Marketing teams must ensure the quality of the leads and the amount of included data sent to the CRM. All this data will facilitate the work of sales, monitoring and analysis of actions and performance.
Thanks to these questions, whose answers are accessible via the CRM, you will be able to orientate your sales pitch more easily. If your prospect has downloaded a white paper or visited your booth at a trade show, the approach will not be the same. Moreover, thanks to GetQuanty, you can know which pages your prospect has visited, how many times and find the information directly in Hubpot’s company pages. Again, a major interest to orient your pitch on the right product or service.

GetQuanty tips

We process the leads with each injection into the CRM and organize their processing so that we can track and organize the hunt by the sales teams. All hot leads sent into the CRM are tagged with the week number to be processed, the status and the lead source. The sales team only has to filter the week of treatment to make sure they get in touch at the right time. Cleaning the pipe is no longer a problem, with GetQuanty we can be sure that if the lead reacts again with your site it will be « re-delivered ». SDRs or salespeople can focus on active leads and slim down their « fat » pipes for fear of losing an opportunity. The Hubspot x Getquanty combo allows you to filter the CRM « view » to active, high-value leads without losing data.

Send the right leads and information to the CRM

Boost your prospecting actions

You have carried out the right marketing actions, sent the most qualified leads to your CRM, and that’s where it all comes in! Your salespeople have all the relevant information for their sales pitch directly in the CRM. For example, with one click, you can retrieve the GetQuanty company file and all the information collected such as the Siren number, the size of the company, the address… You can also use the timeline to review your prospect’s visit to the various pages of your site.

Optimize your sales emails

Save time by turning your best performing sales emails into templates to share with your team. Simply customize them with the data stored in your CRM before sending them. Find out when a prospect opens an email so you can follow up at the most opportune time and close deals faster and more efficiently.

Find the right contact

It is not always easy to get in touch with the right person. When you know that there are 5 to 10 stakeholders in a company, it doesn’t make it easy, but it does make it 10x more likely that you’ll get in touch with someone and be in touch with the decision maker. Make your salespeople’s lives easier with the GetQuanty organization chart. Find by poles the contact sheets of the people you want to contact.

Combine your datas in one place

Hubspot’s company data sheet becomes the main point of your prospecting. You will find all the information about your prospects, the history of the exchanges with you, the emails sent.

Also, GetQuanty data such as the timeline and all the company’s interactions with your web pages or its acquisition channel for example. Access the GetQuanty platform from Hubspot in one click to have all the information you need to better guide your sales pitch.

The GetQuanty x Hubspot combination throughout the prospecting tunnel

It is necessary to continuously feed sales and therefore the CRM with « fresh » leads in volume. With an average conversion rate of 1 to 5% on a B2B website, this is a difficult task! It is no longer possible to be satisfied with incoming forms to enrich the CRM and achieve its sales objectives.
GetQuanty is the upstream way to ensure that you get qualified leads delivered to Hubspot every week. These are companies that have visited your site and have been identified as hot by the algorithm.
In addition, the average open and click rates on prospecting emails are decreasing, you need to be able to welcome identified or retargeted visitors in a personalized way.
The information GetQuanty collects about companies and their interactions with your site is a great way to personalize your messages to your prospects’ needs and interests. You can be more responsive by contacting your prospect right after they visit your site!
Moreover, the follow-up of the pipe is time consuming, redundant and often too late. Thanks to GetQuanty’s notifications of a prospect’s visit to your site, you can reactivate your prospects in a personalized and reactive way.
Mixing GetQuanty’s acquisition, scoring and notification features with Hubspot’s nurturing and prospecting features is a winning combination for collecting qualified leads interested in your business, while taking action to move them through the sales tunnel.

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We chose GetQuanty combined with Hubspot because we wanted to push the scoring logic even further. Thanks to this system, we manage to have a churn rate of only 1%.

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