GetQuanty vs LeadInfo

Why should you choose GetQuanty?

While other lead generation solutions, such as LeadInfo, may seem more suitable at first, in the long run things may change.

Read our GetQuanty vs Leadinfo comparison and find out how and why GetQuanty is your best alternative.

Why pay for one when you can identify 2 or 3 times more?

The first visible difference you will notice in the GetQuanty vs. LeadInfo comparison: with GetQuanty you will be able to identify 2 to 5 times more leads via your website than with Leadinfo. Why such a difference? Unlike most solutions on the market, GetQuanty, as the first player in the market, has for 15 years developed our own algorithms and has been able to obtain much more data for over 900 customers than the newer competitors in the industry.

With GetQuanty you are not only betting on quantity, but more importantly on the accuracy of the identification in Europe, which goes far beyond traditional databases like RIPE or ARIN. The latter are used by new players (by the way, they are free, why should you pay for it?) It is common for solutions like Leadinfo to identify large companies ortelecom hosting resellers instead of the real small business behind it. The last mile of identification is the most complex to achieve and maintain (yes, identification changes over time), and that’s the core value you’ll get with GetQuanty.

GetQuanty vs LeadInfo comparison: go beyond company identification :

GetQuanty not only reveals companies, its unique AI and patented scoring filters out the best ones for you… so you can build strong pipelines that convert!

GetQuanty was the first player in the market to build account-level predictive scoring algorithms. Google recognized the supremacy of our approach at the NEXT conference in Paris in 2019, where real machine learning algorithms demonstrated, for the first time, that it was possible to predict the purchase maturity of any business visiting your website over time. It far surpasses the traditional « per visit scoring » approach based solely on the duration or number of pages viewed by each visitor.

More than 13 secret criteria are observed and every night your entire audience is recalculated to sort ALL YOUR VISITORS and classify them in a simple way with the 4 colors of our logo prism. This UNIQUE approach, directly inspired by quantum physics, has proven its effectiveness, and in 2020 for the first time, it even surpassed incoming forms in transformation rate!

Find the contacts that interest you

One of the important points of the GetQuanty vs. LeadInfo comparison is that with GetQuanty you have access to an <b>organization chart with a macro view of the company by poles of all identified suggested contacts. You can then, unlike LeadInfo, create lists of contacts and find each person you are interested in with a dedicated file including information such as email, phone, position, scoring and their interactions with the pages of your site. You can go even further with our partners Kaspr and Nomination to complete and enrich your information directly in the platform.

You don’t want to spend your time doing things manually, do you?

Leadinfo is an excellent tool, but like many other IP tracking solutions, it only skims the surface of the real problem that marketers face every day, if not making it worse. It takes a lot of manual work to cross-reference, import, export, monitor, enrich… all repeatedly without capitalizing on other operations… all of this cost can be avoided with GetQuanty’s UNIQUE ability to AUTOMATE THE TASKS for you.

With GetQuanty you can filter your audience, build your filters to define your targets on more than 30 criteria available to you such as: industry, size, revenue, location… Its unmatched automation engine allows you to import/export specific sets of data to the right people in YOUR organization at the right pace.

Send, for example, email reports to your management or sales, export csv files, run webhooks, zapier workflows or put into your CRM or marketing engines ONLY those leads that are really interesting for your business, without losing information.

And yes, it can all be done securely and in compliance with GDPR regulations.

Our predefined, REAL-TIME connectors ensure that you no longer miss any urgent data and that you can notify your hotline when key prospects return to your website. Start a conversation before they leave the website!Turn your data into information and make smarter business decisions.

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GetQuanty takes the next steps when LeadInfo leaves you behind

Identifying the companies that visit your website is only the first part of the journey you must take when implementing an IP address tracking solution.

Most solutions like Leadinfo will keep you at this stage, or leave you to ponder on your own what the best action to take is after your prospects leave your website, decreasing your chances of getting in touch with them by 10. Only GetQuanty will provide you with pre-integrated retargeting solutions that help you turn that key information into real-time engagement and move your leads through the conversion funnel.

Our popup, chat, email or linkedin retargeting solutions are the key to increasing your conversion rates by 300%. By combining powerful lead identification with AI-based contact tracing, you can send messages to the key influencers of your identified top companies and generate the next visit!

Go to Analysis 2.0

Your marketing efforts deserve more than basic monitoring: move to next-generation B2B analysis with GetQuanty’s intelligent dashboards.

Once your GetQuanty sorting engine is up and running, it’s time for optimization. When LeadInfo only generates a stream of unsorted opportunities, GetQuanty gives you all the analytical tools to better understand your audience, compare your acquisition channels and modify resource allocation to truly optimize your marketing costs and demonstrate improvements.

We love transparency and believe it’s the only way forward, which is why we’ve invested far more than solutions like LeadInfo in a dedicated DataStudio B2B environment tied to your data. Generate pdf reports, share interactive online dashboards with your colleagues, even those who don’t use GetQuanty, and spread the word throughout your organization: you’re now in control of your B2B lead machine… and only GetQuanty gives you that key weapon to align your organization.

Conclusion of the GetQuanty vs LeadInfo comparison: Price vs Value and ROI

Ultimately, while LeadInfo may be a cheap way to start discovering the possibilities of revealing your B2B audience, you will soon feel limited and realize that you are underutilizing the potential of the GOLDEN MINE that is your website.

When evaluating the ROI of such a solution, you need to take into account the resources you will put on your side (and the help you will get from the vendor), the time you will need to reach profitability (depending on the volume and quality of the data), the effort you will have to put in to convince and align your entire marketing and sales organization. GetQuanty helps you manage leads, sort, share and analyze key information for your marketing and sales strategy.

GetQuanty vs LeadInfo :
Results are in


Meetings bookedin comparison to
cold calling


On MQL leadsA steady stream of truly
qualified leads processed by sales


of reachability on pre-qualified leads
on the site


  • Usage
  • Identify BtoB visitors
  • Increase direct conversion with on-site e-personalization
  • Segment your audience and identify the most interesting leads.
  • Find the best contacts for your segmented prospects
  • Automatically re-engage prospects based on their warmth and context (retargeting).
  • Feed your own tools to exploit the data
  • Analyze the return on investment of your marketing actions and optimize them
  • Transform and optimize your organization for data processing
  • GetQuanty
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  • LeadInfo
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With the implementation of GetQuanty, we have increased the number of signed customers by 7 times since the beginning of 2020.

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