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While other lead generation solutions such as LeadInfo might look lighter on the pocket at first — in the longer run things might turn around differently.

Let us tell you how & why GetQuanty is a better alternative for you.

Bien qualifier ses leads en amont du CRM

L’étape de qualification des leads en B2B est cruciale dans l’efficacité du dispositif et dans l’adoption par les équipes commerciales.

25% de vos leads
sont qualifiés

¼ de vos leads en moyenne réussissent à correspondre à la fois à un niveau d’intérêt suffisant ET aux critères de segmentation de votre entreprise.

Diluer les données exploitables sur vos prospects dans votre CRM avec des données de prospects hors cibles ou non qualifiés, peut être contre productif pour toutes les équipes, notamment les commerciaux. Il est donc important de voir votre CRM comme la crème des leads à prospecter et à analyser. GetQuanty, grâce à son scoring prédictif, permet d’identifier en fonction de 13 critères les entreprises réellement intéressées par votre produit ou service. 

Un atout non négligeable pour collecter uniquement des prospects qualifiés dans votre CRM. Les techniques de scoring B2B qui font appel à l’Intelligence Artificielle sont très différentes qu’en B2C, car elles tiennent compte du processus de prise de décision, qui, en B2B, implique 5 à 10 collaborateurs différents. Le conseil de la rédaction : Fuire les plateformes qui réalisent un scoring sur du comportement individuel qui n’a pas de sens en B2B. La qualification des leads doit se faire avec les critères spécifiques de votre entreprise. 

Il est donc primordial de choisir un outil qui permet de modéliser ses personas et réaliser une segmentation automatique des leads pour pouvoir différencier les actions en fonction de la chaleur, mais aussi de la priorité pour VOTRE entreprise !


You don’t want to spend your time doing things manually, do you? LeaInfo is a great tool, no doubt about that — however, like other IP tracking solutions, it only tackles the surface of the real problem that marketers face every day. A number of manual tasks are needed to cross validate sources, import, export, control and even enrich.

Once you have learnt about your audience & built your filters to define your targets from more than 30 criteria available we offer — GetQuanty handles the rest for you.

Our unbeaten automation engine allows you to import & export specific sets of data to the right people in your organization at the right pace. So you can send them reports, CSV Files, launch WebHooks, Zapier workflow or put into your CRM all at the same time — with no more loss of information at all.

And all this is done in total security & compliance of GDPR with preset connectors, even in real time so you never miss urgent information and inform your hotline when your key prospects come back to your website.

Get Deep, Analytical, And Actionable Insights

Once your GetQuanty engine is up and running, there comes the time of optimization. Where LeadInfo will only generate a flow of unsorted opportunities — Getquanty gives you all the analytics tools to understand your audience better, compare your different acquisition channels, and change the allocation of resources to really optimize your marketing costs.

We like transparency, and we think it is the only way to progress. That’s why we have built something more than other solutions such as LeadInfo into a dedicated DataStudio B2B environment linked to your Data.

So now you can generate PDf reports, share online interactive dashboards with your colleagues, and spread the good news everywhere in your organization — you are now in control of your B2B lead machine.

Price vs Value vs ROI

In the end, while LeadInfo may be a cheap starting solution for you to discover the capabilities of revealing your B2B audience through IP tracking, in no time you will start feeling limited and will realise you are not exploiting the lead goldmine i.e your website to it’s full capabilities.

When evaluating the ROI of such solution you should take into account the resources you are going to put on your side (and the help you will get from the vendor), the time needed to reach maximum profitability (depending on the volume and quality of data), and the effort you will need to put to streamline all your organization from marketing & sales (depending on the of completion the platform).

0 %

Increase in No. of opportunities
by Sales team

0 %

Increase in Opportunity value

0 %

Increase in Closing rate

- 0 %

Reduction in Customer acquisition
costs in

Turn Your Data into Powerful Insights, And Drive Smarter Business Decisions.

Easy Implementation & Onboarding

Unlike other lead generation solutions out there, GetQuanty is one of the most easily implementable one you’ll find. And that is not all, we also offer you a detailed onboarding process for your team to help you understand the platforms better, where we assist you from the initial steps to the final setup and even after that in the form of regular follow-ups.

The Only Complete Solutions Your Teams Need, To Amplify Your Favourite Sales & Marketing Tools.

Transform Your Sales Processes, And Unlock New Opportunities With Getquanty.