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septembre 30, 2016

Customer advocacy as a B2B best practice – Sirius Decision Summit in London

With the idea to better support buyer and customer lifecycles, expert B2B marketers are looking at customer advocacy as an more and more key activity. We all know that there is nothing better than having a happy customer speaking with great emphasis about your solution. However, many B2B companies have yet to take full advantage. As Bob Peterson explained during his presentation at Sirius Decision Summit Europe in London, key activities are often severely lacking, such as :
  1. advocate sourcing processes,
  2. investment in advocacy programs,
  3. and buyer’s journey mapping activities
  Many B2B marketers believe that Customer advocacy is as simply sales references. However, customer advocacy is defined by SiriusDecisions as a “combination of activities that help customers share experience with your brand, formally and informally.” It can include anything from
  • case studies and customer videos,
  • to testimonials and realized value studies,
  • to customer communities and user groups.
  SiriusDecisions’ research has shown that only 10 percent of marketing program budget, on average, is dedicated to advocacy. This lack of budget and process severely limits marketers’ ability to make meaningful contributions with advocacy.   Take away from Getquanty : Consider where and how advocacy can support buying cycle needs and customer cycle needs. For example, in the early stages of the buyer’s journey, make sure to deploy advocacy early rather than wait until the point at which references are typically provided. Later, during the solution phase, advocacy support can help buyers frame their vision of what investing in the offering could do for them. With Getquanty solution, you can measure whereas your Customer advocacy Content is well consumed by your prospects during their buying journey with you.