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Willing to pass from ADSL (or edge) to optic fiber (or 5G) speed on your lead generation flow. Rise the pace with GetQuanty. We understand businesses of different sizes and scales have different needs, and as a telecom service provider, how important knowing that is for you.

That is why we simplify the lead generation process for your telecom business by helping you identify the right audience visiting your B2B — so you can target the one that matters the most, with the right offers, in the right way.

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    Getquanty enables us to prioritize our prospecting by targeting the accounts which are naturally interested in EOL offers. We know precisely which company, from which area, which offer were viewed, this is the best data to personalize our direct communication (email, phone call and linkedin) to our website visitors.

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    Marketing and Communication
    Manager, EOL

    How GetQuanty Helps Telecom Brands?


    Personalization To Customize Visitors' Journey Based On Their Industry Needs.

    Personalize your prospect's journey on your site. Our popups detect the company and collect information such as the sector to offer relevant and personalized content to your visitors

    Revisit Alert​

    Website Revisit Alert After The First Order

    GetQuanty enables you to identify the right upselling & cross-selling opportunities by sending you and your sales team real-time alerts, whenever your customers visit your website after placing their first order.

    Qualifies leads

    Eliminate cold calling with qualified leads

    With our Advanced IP Tracking functionalities, we identify your anonymous website traffic with 20+ more detailed attributes about them. Send qualified leads to your sales team — and increase your conversion rate by 10%.

    Get Your Telecom Business
    The Sales It Deserves.

    The Challenge

    Due to high digitalization in companies belonging to different industries of all scales and sizes, especially teleworking — the on-demand telecom have been rising recently.

    And then, the COVID-19 has emphasized the need for strong and reliable infrastructure even more — with more & more devices such as laptops or mobile connections. Therefore, beyond traditional offers being accessed with the Internet, B2B operators are now developing services like outsourcing, telecom and IT equipment.

    Now, beyond the national operator, several other alternative players specialize in B2B with a strong local presence and are constantly trying to make a name for themselves. These alternative players usually follow limited prospecting strategies such as cold calling their prospects with a regionalized sales presence.

    Now, for telecom companies of all sizes — the main challenge is to create tailor-made offers by amalgamating advice, service and proximity which are more suited to the needs of SMEs. And for the biggest operators, things get even more difficult since they have to identify their B2B visitors and target them separately from massive B2C traffic.

    Talking in numbers, commonly more than 50% of the B2B visitors will remain on the B2C shop — not getting the right offers and the quality services, which makes things complicated & expensive to switch afterwards. And to make things even worse, telecom equipment is becoming more & more common because of the Asian manufacturers and sold on hypermarkets or online marketplaces.

    The Solution

    GetQuanty is extremely helpful for Telecom companies, especially when identifying the B2B website visitors and promoting offers and dedicated services to those companies.

    Because the needs of different visitors can vary because of their sizes and industries, identifying who your visitor makes it a lot easier for telecom companies to mould their browsing experiences. And then, later on, telecom companies can promote personalized offers, equipment and services after considering the budgets and situations of their visitors.

    Small companies with basic needs such as an internet connection and mobile devices will cohabit with the larger companies with complex business needs such as cybersecurity, videoconferencing or outsourcing per se.

    However, the sales processes are entirely different, and the leads they generate need to be redirected to the right teams. Right there, GetQuanty emerges as a key asset — since it will differentiate all these special needs for large companies and leads the right kind of leads to the right part of the organizations. Change your approach to prospecting by eliminating your “cold calling” team and local sales with qualified leads.

    Then the Telecom companies can use our SmartData dashboards to uncover their audience, analyze their vital traffic sources, and optimize their acquisition costs to each target. They can also redirect the traffic to the right offers and promotions via our smart popups, chatbots and retargeting techniques.

    And finally, they can always inject the leads into their native CRM and Marketing automation tools — which can be seamlessly connected to GetQuanty to accelerate their sales funnel!

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