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GetQuanty is the smartest sales intelligence tool that uncovers & reveals your
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based tools list & helping you sell your products smarter, faster, and better.

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    GetQuanty in 3 words? Cost-effective, efficient and useful. GetQuanty is a tool that is easy to learn. It does not require training, configuration or complex installation. Once the tracking code is set, you can start working!

    Mélanie Cohen

    Digital Marketing Manager

    How GetQuanty Helps
    Saas Businesses

    Real-Time Traffic Analysis

    Detects Professional Leads While They Browse Through Your Website

    With our advanced IP Tracking features, GetQuanty gives you a detailed analysis of all your website visitors, and helps you reach all your desired leads by providing your every relevant information about them.

    Personalized Chatbots & Popups

    Deliver the right content at the right time

    With our highly personalized chatbots and popups, we help you connect with your audience in the most personal way possible on the basis of their industry, company size — increasing your conversion rates & increased ROI.​


    Contact Enrichment Via Automated Emails​

    GetQuanty allows you to engage your key prospects with powerful, automated email remarketing campaigns so you can nurture them by following up using helpful, relevant information.​

    Get Your SAAS Business The Sales It Deserves.

    Le Challenge

    As a B2B Saas editor, you will find and connect most of your primary
    customers on the internet. In comparison to any other sector — the sales
    and marketing approaches of SaaS businesses are entirely focused on
    their digital presence.

    By activating all the possible digital marketing & sales practices such as SEO, SMO
    and Paid Adverts — they are able to generate a decent amount of traffic on your
    website. Then, they either convert them to direct subscription online or callback by a
    sales team. The Website is the strategic hub where marketing teams struggle to
    attract and convert the right business targets

    However, contrary to B2C Saas editors which business mostly rely on, a massive
    numbers of customers with a fraction of paying users can grow without human
    sales interaction often through a freemium model — B2B Saas editors are usually
    providing more complex solutions that need a contact with a sales representative to
    finalize the selling process and adapt the offer to the situation of each customer.

    Because of the SaaS model, the entrance prices in such a segment are still pretty
    low in comparison to any other field of businesses, which has led to an competition
    that has grown exponentially and has become fierce — pushing to raise investments
    in paid ads or search or costly marketing campaigns.

    Therefore, keeping such a profitable business requires both growth with a stream of
    high quality leads, and a high degree of control over the acquisition costs to
    constantly monitor the ROI over time.

    The Solution

    GetQuanty’s is a next-gen sales & prospecting tool that helps SaaS
    businesses identify potential leads and capture them in the most hassle-
    free manner possible, keeping their costing in check.
    Our people, processes & proprietary platforms are designed to help you boost your
    business’ revenue with the power of AI. And using our smart marketing & sales
    automation, high-degree personalization and an extensive database — GetQuanty
    works for you 24x7x365 to grow your business.

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