Re-Engage Your Visitors,

With Powerful Automated
Retargeting Tools By GetQuanty.

Your website is your lead goldmine since you find your most interesting & engaged prospects there. That’s why it is really important for you to understand your visitor’s behaviour & their genuine interests — since these are the priceless insights that can really boost the conversion rates of your retargeting campaigns.
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GetQuanty x Retargeting

Email Automation
To Help You Re-Engage Your Visitors —
The Right Way.

It’s easy to lose a high-value potential lead once it gets off your website without filling up the forms.

That’s why Getquanty finds the contact info of your anonymous website visitors, and of people from their organization, so that you can engage them through highly personalized email retargeting campaigns.
GetQuanty makes automation really easy — simply pick the designations you want to target, add the message & our IA will orchestrate an email sequence. You can also export the active contact information into your CRM or other marketing automations tools to start your own nurturing or commercial actions as well
The primary benefit for us of GetQuanty, was to prioritize our targets, with a small team we can't afford to test many leads at once, we needed to refine our personas, improve our customer journey and be proactive on the Sales side.
Aude Lebesgue
Communication & Marketing Manager at BoB Desk

Account Based Advertising,
So Your Genuinely Interested Audience
Never Gets Away, Again.

Once you have characterized your desired lead persona, use our Account Based
Advertising to increase your traffic acquisition & only deal with the audience that
interests you.

Take control of your marketing budget — spend only on interested visitors & reduce your
CPL by 5% using AdQuanty’s real-time updates about all the companies that have been
exposed to your ads.

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I am totally satisfied with both the solution and the support teams, who are always available to answer my questions. I can't wait for the traffic on to grow and discover, thanks to GetQuanty, business targets to work on.
Michaël TARTAR
CEO & Co-Founder