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GetQuanty is a sales intelligence tool that uncovers & reveals your real estate business’
anonymous website visitors. Identify potential B2B buyers interested in your business
and be the first to contact them — so that you can populate your prospects list with the
highest quality leads & sell smarter, faster, and better.

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    GetQuanty with Real Estate Businesses

    See how GetQuanty improved the Rest Estate Businesses’ sales

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    their total annual sales.
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    By using ABM Strategy,
    Reduced their prospecting time
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    Increased the overall turnover,
    even through the Covid pandemic.
    GetQuanty brings me qualified leads that are highly appreciated by sales people. The platform is located between inbound and outbound with a logic of prospecting that facilitates the commercial approach. Working with GetQuanty is the guarantee of having a dedicated team with whom you can exchange and get advice.

    Clément Guérin

    Marketing Director

    How GetQuanty Helps
    Real Estate Businesses

    Company Identification

    Find out which contacts in your target group are likely to become customers

    GetQuanty identifies all the people who visit your website and the companies they belong to — so that you can contact them if they don’t fill the contact form, and close businesses efficiently.


    Detects Professional Leads While They Browse Through Your Website

    Besides Identifying the identities of the people and their companies, GetQuanty also scores all those people on the basis of their buying intentions — so you only focus on the people who are truly interested.


    Deliver the right content to the right person

    GetQuanty’s smart IA shows the right popup to the right person, at the right time, allowing your marketing team to target people a lot more effectively — and increases the conversion rates by 300%.

    Get Your Real Estate Business The Sales It Deserves.

    The Challenge

    The B2B real estate market has been extremely dynamic in the last couple of years. And then the COVID hit and changed everything — as 60% people started working from homes in comparison to just 20% in the pre-covid era. Therefore, the work habits of people have changed forever.
    Despite that, several types of B2B real estate sectors are now struggling in a fierce competition, with availability of massive comparison websites or search engines, Real estate developers or professional property dealers and online shareable office hunting portals

    In such a competitive environment, the challenge for these players is:

    • To become more visible by attracting their potential B2B buyers via natural referencing, where it is hard to differentiate from B2C buyers, or expensive acquisition campaigns difficult to target to B2B buyers only.
    • To increase the retention rate of their service by personalizing the user experience by directing them to new offers or offers which have not been made public yet — and send them personalized alerts regarding new offers.
    • And finally, to make sure to interact with a point of contact as soon as possible via direct conversation — however the visitors are reluctant at times to leave their contact information in the online forms.
    However, on the vendor’s side, it is essential to detect potential buyers and start a conversation with them as early as possible because the decision-making process is generally long and time consuming.

    The Solution

    Besides all the qualities that GetQuanty brings to the table — it’s ability
    to identify & analyse the visitor’s behaviour is the most effective in the
    context of real estates for enterprise.
    Then analyzing the visits on a search engine is particularly efficient as well, since it
    makes it very much possible for the real estate companies to identify & finely qualify
    the needs of visitors.
    Once aggregated to the company level after several visit tracking, and then
    enhanced by the data of the visitor such as company size, industry and location —
    GetQuanty gives some really priceless insights to match with the offers database to
    increase conversion rates.
    And later on, retargeting options such as email increase the possibility of closing a
    lead even more. Create email sequences, keep in touch with your prospect and
    propose content related to their needs.

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