Supercharge Your Sales Pipeline
With GetQuanty, And Never Run Out
of Quality Leads Ever again.

GetQuanty intensifies your site’s traffic into a lead stream machine. Our smart IA identifies companies from their IP addresses, analyses their behaviour and profiles them to fit your targets — delivering qualified leads directly into your CRM.
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Increase in No. of opportunities
by Sales team

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Increase in Opportunity value

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Reduction in Customer acquisition
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GetQuanty x Lead Generation

Reveal hidden opportunities, and Generate qualified leads.

A generic content form on any website catches only 2% of the audience, that means you lose about 98% of your visitors daily — let our IA get them for you

Discover key attributes
of your target audiences such as names, company, industry & the number of employees.

Have your customer segmented automatically from prospects or competitors.

Create and use custom filters
to group leads with the highest potential and move them in your funnel.

The primary benefit for us of GetQuanty, was to prioritize our targets, with a small team we can’t afford to test many leads at once, we needed to refine our personas, improve our customer journey and be proactive on the Sales side.

Catherine Beauge De La Roque

Marketing Director
CCH Tagetik

Score your visitors, and focus on who matters the most.

Sitting on a huge pile of leads without knowing their true level of interest can be draining. GetQuanty provides you a solution to understand which leads are ready to be contacted — so you can focus on who’s important.

Closing hot leads need quick
actions. We ensure those actions
are easier + faster for you

Missing out on potential clients when they leave your website?
We help connect to your leads directly as soon as they leave your website — and so you can turn them into long-lasting clients.

Monitor Your Leads, Until They
Become Your Customers.

Connect our dashboard to your CRM tool and get 24×7 access to a rich, interactive
online platform to monitor and optimize the performance of all qualification

Unleash The Power of Data, Take Your Sales & Marketing To The Next Level With GetQuanty.

Our goal with GetQuanty is to prioritize target leads and increase sales tomorrow by being by being more efficient and shortening our sales our sales cycle. GetQuanty in 3 words: "practical, intuitive and efficient!
Louis-Clément Schiltz