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    Our website is our store. Every day we have companies coming into our store and we don’t do enough with them. GetQuanty has allowed us to communicate with these companies rather than having to do hard prospecting.

    Maryline Michel

    Country Manager

    How GetQuanty Helps B2B
    eCommerce Brands

    Abandoned Cart

    Abandoned Cart Recovering automation

    GetQuanty allows you to detect the companies abandoning the cart & the cart value while providing you the tools toretarget them automatically via email or send alerts to your sales and finalize the sale — in real time.

    Targeted Popups

    Redirect your visitors on the right content

    With our highly targeted pop-ups, GetQuanty allows you to redirect your B2B traffic on the right path & lets you send highly personalized promotional messages/emails to them, based on their industry & company size.

    Exit Pop-ups

    Intelligent Personalized Exit Intent Pop-ups

    When GetQuanty detects that any visitor is about to exit the page or abandon the cart — it smartly sends the right kind of pop-up to engage the visitor and eventually persuade them to complete the purchase they initiated.

    Revisit Alert

    Website Revisit Alert After The First Order

    GetQuanty enables you to identify the right upselling & cross-selling opportunities by sending you and your sales team real-time alerts, whenever your customers visit your website after placing their first order.

    Call Center

    Externalized Call Center Supports

    We have partnered with some of the finest call center service providers in case your company needs additional resources to connect with your potential customers over the call and finalize the purchases.

    Get Your eCommerce Business The Sales It Deserves.

    The Challenge

    The key issue that comes along with online selling is cart abandonment.

    Pretty much like their B2C counterparts, B2B brands suffer from this issue too. And only a fraction of the companies starting the sales funnel can recover their revenues, while in most cases 70% of the losses have been incurred already before the purchaser is identified — leaving a huge part of the value unattended.

    And to worsen the situation, most eCommerce businesses are addressing both B2B & B2C markets together. They spend most of their budget on keywords, affiliate marketing, & advertising without being able to differentiate the website traffic for all their market segments, and direct them to the right products.

    Even when they have a dedicated professional section, up to 90% of the B2B traffic remains stuck in the B2C part of the catalog and that’s why it doesn’t convert enough.

    More importantly, the expected value of B2B customers is much higher than the initial purchase done online, and salespeople are generally likely to increase the revenue over time. Their role is to detect the highest potential, and switch the initial offer to professional services or mass orders at company level.

    But again only returning visitors at individual levels are currently being tracked and not their team members or other professionals from the same company — which prevents the sales team to have the full view of their customers purchase intention and losing many upsell opportunities

    The Solution

    So now you can observe their behaviour, track which product they added to their
    cart, correlate the purchase intention to previous purchases made within the same
    company and alert your sales team for the best opportunities that arrive at your

    And that’s not it — GetQuanty can adapt the user experience to promote offers,
    start a chat conversation or send an email just after the visit to the key people of the
    organizations that didn’t convert and recover a good part of the lost revenue, in real

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