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GetQuanty is the best sales platform in the market for dematerialization software and services because it reveals who your relevant website visitors are, and gives you all the relevant information you need about them such as their name, contact details and company information, all in real time.

Besides this, with GetQuanty, you can engage all the contacts you find with powerful email remarketing campaigns with our easy‑to‑use tools designed to grow your dematerialisation business — and grow your revenue manifold.

    GetQuanty with Dematerialisation Businesses

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    Strategic projects closed in just 1 year, with the help of Getquanty.
    New sector discoved thanks to GetQuanty technology
    One of the big advantages of GetQuanty is that it allowed us to discover a new sector of activity. The second : a gain of time on the marketing and sales side ! Thanks to GetQuanty, I have achieved my goal of generating leads and aligning the sales and marketing teams

    Karine Malezieux

    Marketing manager
    Business Document

    How do weHelp ?

    Website Personalization

    Personalization To Customize Visitors' Journey Based On Their Industry Needs.

    With our smart IA chatbots & smart pop-ups, we help you deliver a highly personalized customer experience to every visitor from your website, and connect with them on a deeper level

    Contact Enrichment

    Get all the information you need about your prospects to boost your business development

    With GetQuanty, you can enrich, engage and activate your website visitors, and increase the chances of closing the deals more than ever before.


    Be notified in real time of business opportunities

    GetQuanty enables you to identify the right upselling & cross-selling opportunities by sending you and your sales team real-time alerts, whenever your customers visit your website after placing their first order.

    Get Your Dematerialisation Business
    The Sales It Deserves.

    The Challenge

    Personal and business documents such as digital signatures, digital registered letters with tracking receipts, invoices, electronic voting, cloud storage etc have existed for a long time — however their generalization still remains slow.

    Infact, according to a study by BPI France, about 87% of French leaders never saw digital transition as a strategic priority due to several reasons such as the lack of time and the resources they’d need to execute the task,

    However, things have changed a lot due to the COVID pandemic as big companies have started looking for tailored-made solutions while the SMEs are looking for dematerialisation tools that offer wider flexibility, even remotely.

    The market has been surging with new players such as Qonto, Payfit and Alan that simplify the tediousness of administrative tasks. Because of the same, the number of such companies are growing rapidly, resulting in high competition.

    The key players in the dematerialization market are facing a growing competition and therefore, need to reinvent their process.

    It is really easy for any prospect to get lost in their current websites as their offers are really wife and constantly evolving. Which is why, knowing the visitor’s profile is essential for them to guide the visitors to the right page of the right tool for the.

    And because of the complexity of the offers, the prospects often don’t give out their contact information even after visiting the website a couple of times — resulting in lost business opportunities for the dematerialisation companies.

    The Solution

    With GetQuanty, you can be notified of the companies that visit your website with real-time alerts sent to your sales team, and add them directly into your CRM. A considerable advantage to accelerate the sales process and this, before your competitors.

    Moreover, it is possible to personalize the visit of your prospects and offer a real customer experience. Trigger popups with industry-specific content for your website or personalize your home page content with your prospects’ first names.

    GetQuanty’s ability to discover potential leads and reach decision makers via automated email retargeting perfectly complements the personalization techniques we offer, making our solution indispensable for marketing and sales efforts.

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