B2B Barometer (BACK to Business)

Analysis of the impact of COVID-19 on the evolution of traffic and business interests.

GetQuanty makes its data available free of charge to help B2B companies anticipate the end of the crisis. In order to better understand the evolution of Business to Business and during this period of uncertainty, we measure precisely the impact of the Coronavirus on the behavior of decision makers in companies. Our analysis is based on more than 50 million sessions exclusively from B2B companies, analyzed by GetQuanty since January 2020.

We compare in real time the behaviors in more than 10 trades, 20 sectors, 100 products and more than 5000 different interests since the containment was declared in France (March 17th 2020). The January traffic becomes the reference index from which the trends are calculated. The variations are calculated on this reference index, just before the crisis.