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GetQuanty is a powerful lead generation & prospecting engine that gives you unique, 
precise & deep insights about your automotive business’ website visitors.
It empowers your sales teams to discover new leads, prioritize them, and sell more vehicles via dealers faster than ever before.

    Learn how we help auto brands, and dealers sell more autos.

    GetQuanty with PSA

    See how PSA’s sales sky-rocketed after they partnered with GetQuanty :

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    Vehicles sold in 2020

    GetQuanty has allowed us to generate approximately 8000 opportunities with a 7% conversion rate which is considerable in our industry. We have redesigned our prospecting without cold calling, which makes our network much more efficient in the way it prospects and even exceeds the closing performance of our inbound requests.

    Gaëtan MARTIN

    Data & Performance Manager PSA France

    How GetQuanty Helps
    Automotive Brands?


    Detects Professional Leads While They Browse Through Your Website

    GetQuanty reveals who your professional visitors are, analyses their buying intent — so that you can contact them if they don’t fill the contact form, right before they come for a store visit.


    Delivers Warm, Quality Leads To Your Car Dealers

    Getquany enriches your warm visitors with priceless information such as what vehicles they look at, whom to contact in their company, their engagement so that your sales team can close the deal quickly.


    Gathers Visitor’s Fleet Info & Provide Leads To The Appropriate POS

    GetQuanty uses localization data to map your Point-of-Sales network & allocates the lead accordingly within your organization. It also enriches the leads with 3rd party data such as fleet insurance or maintenance information for sales assistance.

    Willing to drive your business forward

    The Challenge

    Automotive brands spend much in advertising but have strong difficulties to drive their B2B audience to professionnal pages and convert them into business opportunities through their network of local dealers.
    However, the traffic they receive generally is a mixed bag of potential B2B and B2C leads. While the B2C segment yields a significant ROI from their marketing efforts — B2B conversion for most automobile brands often remains low.

    Their sales processes also involve car dealers, primarily to cater to the professionals’ visitors. Their websites are also perceived as the competitor of local dealers that would capture all the leads to an online store, whereas they should be portrayed as a critical lead provider that helps local dealers grow.

    And since the professionals have recurring needs, they often renew or add new vehicles in a fleet as their activity grows. Most businesses fail to detect when a customer has returned on their website and miss out on a sales opportunity by failing to redirect the visitor to their local dealers — and their lead goes to their competitors.

    The Solution

    GetQuanty is a unique sales intelligence tool that reveals who your anonymous B2B or B2C website visitors are and then populates your local prospects list accordingly — helping your car dealers sell smarter, faster, and better.
    This will grow your revenue manifold and improve your brand loyalty among the local retailers since their revenues will skyrocket because of your marketing efforts & central operations.

    When combined with AdQuanty & SmartData, the trio becomes a robust lead enrichment & analytics platform, builds laser-focused targeting lists, measures your real, local car business’ ROI, scales your business at a doubled speed for your Automobile Business.

    Moreover, our specialized partners call centers can help you capture all opportunities for your car dealers by booking meetings when you’re busy.

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